Community Update
3 min readApr 30, 2024


  • Phase I: Airdrop is nearing its conclusion, transitioning soon with our R2E. Further details will follow.

    Phase II: (BAMA Stakers & Holders) will play a pivotal role upon the launch of our Creator economy. The Bitbama Creator economy is a meticulously designed tool aimed at promoting the dissemination of crypto-related information. It offers creators the opportunity to generate user-driven content, fostering cryptocurrency adoption through high-quality educational content.

Disabled Accounts:
Clarification on suspension of malicious accounts.

On 28th April, 2024; Our system identified 43 accounts that went against acceptable terms and condition.

Our Migration terms include a compulsory migration task and a 24 hours waiting period. That is, no user was expected to migrate on-chain till 28th April, 2024.

But some users were detected to have refreshed the migration page repeatedly, such that the migration button shows up for fraction of second before the 24 hours countdown replaces it. These users then took advantage of that millisecond to click on the migration button. Thereby migrating on the 27th of April.

Our system swiftly detected this and blocked every of such migration.

The system went further to identify all accounts that were involved and suspends them indefinitely.

The rule was to wait for 24 hours, but some users thought to play smart by taking advantage of a minute user interface glitch.


Our system maintains a single state of truth. If it detects any activity or record that distorts or aims to distort this state, it will immediately act in such a way to restore the appropriate state. This restoration also involves the suspension of all accounts that are confirmed to be involved.

Please, do well to abide by every term that is designed to ensure the fairness of the system.

The 43 Accounts should write an appeal to and will have to wait for 2 weeks before their account will be restored

About Some Users Calling the Bitbama Team a Scam.

The Bitbama team want to reiterate that we are not here to scam any user or our community. We are only determined to build products that will help in crypto mass adoption and awareness through education and cutting-edge tech which the team is bent on building. The Bitbama Team started the development of the platform with personal funds and we achieved the following

-Our R2E Technology launch
-Android App Development
-iOS App Development
-Magic Store Listing
-Certik Kyc Verification
-Partnerships and lot more.

Even before we did our first raise on Gempad. All aforementioned cost the Bitbama Team a lot of money in terms of development and we are still building.

Our Engagements with IxirPad & Zenix Launcher:

We entered into agreements with both parties, but unfortunately faced challenges due to their actions. They engaged in malicious activities by dumping tokens at launch, causing price instability. Consequently, we requested token refunds:
— IxirPad Refund: 1,388,000 BAMA
— Zenix Launcher Refund: 2,092,000 BAMA

Listing Below Presale Price: Despite intending to gradually increase from low to high, the disruptive activities of IXIRPAD & ZENIX LAUNCHER launchpad impacted our plans, leading to market instability and further price declines. We’re appealing to our presale participants and investors, assuring them that we’re still in the development phase, with BAMA poised to gain more traction as we unveil additional unique products.

Future Plans:

- Token Buyback & Burn
— Launch of Emotionless AI Product
— Introduction of Discover
— Development of Creator Economy & more

Token Burn: All tokens refunded from both IxirPad and Zenix Launcher will be burned.

BAMA Dex Listing: BAMA will commence trading on Uniswap, with BAMA/LP trading going live on Dex under the Arbitrum Network.

Token Lock: As outlined in our white paper, the team will lock the following allocations for two years:

— Treasury: 7% of Total Supply
— Foundation: 12% of Total Supply
— Team: 5% of Total Supply

Lock details will be published.

Our Total & Maximum Supply is 500M $BAMA Contrary to what Coin-gecko is showing and an update to effect the changes has been sent.

Thank you for your support
The Bitbama Team