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Our main goal is to offer authentic cryptocurrency education globally, excluding bots. Our Bitbama KYU verification is entirely free, contrary to some comments that suggest we charge fees for KYU.

Why Bama Pass?

Bama Pass is a means of filtering inauthentic users from our platform. After analyzing our users, we found numerous inauthentic referrals. The Bama On-Chain Verification (Pass) aims to genuinely confirm the identity of Bitbama platform users. The PASS verification process aims to meticulously scrutinize illegitimate referrals, as it binds one device to one wallet. The “PASS” can be minted using the Arbitrum Network & Ethereum Mainnet. After minting the PASS, users will be able to SEND & RECEIVE $BAMA using their unique wallet addresses enclosed.

Also, all users who have minted the PASS will be eligible to migrate On-chain in Q1 2024.

Bitbama’s mission is to reward genuine readers, not bots. Excitingly, we have significant announcements coming!

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The Bitbama Team

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